Monday, July 31, 2006


Wednesday, July 26, is the Feast of Saint Anne, the Mother of Our Blessed Mother. The Liturgical Calendar used for the Traditional Latin Mass commemorates only Saint Anne on that day. In the Novus Ordo Calendar, her Feast has been combined with that of her husband, Saint Joachim, so that they are both celebrated on July 26.
Saints Joachim and Anne are an inspiration to all of the members of Christ’s Mystical Body. All that we know of their lives comes to us from pious Catholic tradition; not a word is found about them in the scriptures. Devotion to them has increased in recent centuries. With a “Catholic eye,” we see them as devoted to God, faithful to His laws, and, each day, living a holy love for each other.
Saints Joachim & Ann led simple but holy lives. God does not expect extra-ordinary things from most of us. Too often, I believe, we associate sanctity with doing great deeds, converting nations to Christ, the working of miracles, etc. In the lives of Joachim and Ann, we see none of that. They were ordinary people who lived ordinary lives as most of us do, but with one added ingredient, holiness. As a result, look at how God blessed them. Their child, Mary, was to become the Mother of God. She was, as the scriptures tell us, “the apple of the Father’s eye.”
After years of praying for a child, finally God blessed them with a pregnancy. Little did they imagine the extent of the blessing that god would send.
Nothing would have indicated that their daughter would be the mother of the promised Messiah or that she was to be Immaculately Conceived. Soon after her birth, they knew that Mary loved God totally. Surely, they could see her wonderful virtues and exemplary life. But little did they suspect that Mary would one day be referred to, most appropriately, as the MOTHER OF GOD. See, how God rewards His holy people, how He showers His blessings on them.
What an extra-ordinary example of Catholic Family life and love we find in St. Joachim and St. Ann. May they continue to inspire us to live holy, Catholic lives. Let us develop a rich devotion to them. From heaven, may they bless and protect all of our precious families.
Fr. Richard J. Rego, S.T.L.


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